Current Research Projects:

Mei-Ling Ting Lee, Ph.D.:
  • Threshold Regression Methodology for Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data
  • Analysis of Genomic Sequence Data
  • Analysis of Proteomic Mass Spectrometry TOF Data
  • Soy Almond Bread as Complimentary Therapy for Prostate Cancer
  • Statistical Methods for Ophthalmologic and Cluster Data
  • Hospital Admissions among Veterans with Congestive Heart Failure: The Role of Medical Noncompliance and Mental Illness
Shuo Chen, Ph.D.:
  • Statistical methods for the complex high-dimensional biomedical data including neuroimaging data and proteomics data by using tools of machine learning
  • Bayesian methods, and functional data analysis.
  • Identification of Misspecified Gestational Ages Using Bayesian Mixture Models.
Raul Cruz-Cano, Ph.D.:
  • Dimension Reduction
  • Support Vector Machines and other Kernel Methods
  • Computational Intelligence and its application to Bioinformatics (microRNA, Transcription Factor Binding Sites, O-glycosylation, Replication Origins)
Xin He, Ph.D.:
  • Analysis of Recurrent Event Data
  • Statistical Models for Panel Count Data
  • Examining the Effect of Stress and Diet on Immune Function and Mood in Adults
  • Exploring the Influence of Early Childhood Behavior Problems on Developmental Trajectories that Lead to Obesity
  • Identifying the Impact of Marriage and Cohabitation Experience on Midlife Physical and Mental Health
  • Investigation of the Relationship between History of Psychiatric Diagnosis and Ability to Work after a Cancer Diagnosis
  • Natural History of Oral HPV Infection in Young Adults
Yan Li, Ph.D.:
  •  Health survey and case-control data analysis under complex sample designs
  • Statistical genetics
  • Genetic association study
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Missing data methods
  • Survival analysis of cohort studies
  • Model-based and model-assisted inferences
  • Collaborative biomedical research
Min Qi Wang, Ph.D.:
  • Environmental Public Health GIS and Geospatial Analysis
  • Multi-site Database Development
  • Health Informatics
  • Mobile Technology Application in Public Health